Welcome to IICEAA

IICEA As structure and operations will provide for full representation of its diverse membership. It is in the business of supporting organizations and their members to become more relevant to the public and the industry they serve. IICEAA has established a website for the promulgation of valuation and related counseling information. As part of the move to encourage greater cooperation and a minimum standard of tertiary education for property professionals worldwide, a Memorandum of Understanding for Recognition of Designations was signed by IICEAA members, namely, IFEO, IIV India, CE India.

Aims and Objective

To develop and enhance the valuation and related professions, and to ensure the provision of services of consistently high quality and uniformity in the public interest.

IICEAA seeks to bring together individuals, and institutions and Govt . Agencies & Industries and Education to evolve and develop Chartered Engineer and Appraiser practices in World. Apart from upgrading the professional skills of its members.

IICEAA will carry out its mission by promoting best practices, supporting robust and consistent standards, encouraging higher education, and facilitating lifelong learning among its Members and their members.

IICEAA also aims at the following:

  • To spread the benefits of Engineering Education to the less privileged.
  • To advance the status and roles of engineering practice.
  • To facilitate interaction between members of Engineering Societies throughout the world.
  • To represent the opinion of Members of the society, on matters related to the objects of society.
  • To promote the value of Chartered Engineer and Appraiser and its applications.
  • Promoting continuing education and training.(CPD)